Unleashing the Peek?

So in an effort to curb some of our spending I have been thinking of dumping one of the cel phones (leaving us with just one) and moving to the Peek. In case you don’t know the Peek is an email and SMS handheld. For $20 a month I could use unlimited SMS and Email which is my preferred method of communication. NO VOICE but I really don’t like to talk on the phone. Found some hacks using other services ( Ping.fm That help me keep even more connected then EMail and SMS. SO now its time for the hard sell to the wife. WIsh me luck!


Amazon.com: Free – Songs: MP3 Downloads

Amazon.com: Free – Songs: MP3 Downloads

WOW! check it out you music junkies! Amazon is giving away over 500 songs! I am liking Amazon more and more. First free shipping to Alaska. Often when you order online to Alaska the shipping can cost more then your order! NEWS flash Lower 48 we ARE part of America. Now tons of free music not just Christmas.