In these Troubled Times Part Duex

SO the economic downturn has finally hit Alaska. It is starting to trickle down and impact alot of Alaskans me included. Hopefully Obamas plan will help pull us out of this…although I for one am skeptical, not because he’s a democrat more because he’s a politician and they always seem to talk out of both sides of their mouth. Not sure how spending a boatload of money is supposed to help us dig out of this and how it will effect his pledge to cut the deficit.


It’s quiet in the morning of December 7 1941

But not for long on the ” Day that will live in infamy ” It has been 67 years since that day and I didn’t hear anyone mention it. I was born and raised in Hawaii and I am of Japanese decent. Thankfully I am not old enough to have been involved or interned like so many other Japanese Americans. George Takei was interned as a child. I have mixed feelings about this day and some of what it represents. The American loving Patriotic side of me is saddened by the loss of life but also proud of our nations determination. I am also saddened about how many Japanese Americans were treated. More-so then any other ethnicity they I feel were treated unfairly. I have many books that tell the story and they all share one thing a love for this country despite there treatment. It is a testament to there hearts that they could endure this and still have a love for our country. I know our country is not perfect, and these people who are part of it make up for our imperfection and help us to shine.

Thank you to all who have gone before and who now as I write this defend and protect us. God Bless Free – Songs: MP3 Downloads Free – Songs: MP3 Downloads

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