Twitter… ruined?

So in case you haven’t noticed twitter has exploded, I have been seeing and hearing twitter mentioned on tv and around town. I am of two minds on this. On one hand its nice to see more people and not get the ??? look when you mention twitter, but at the same time the nerd/geek factor is gone. Technology is the purview of the nerd & geek and as “normal” people invade more of our space it feels less special in some ways. The “regular” folks have always had IRL to influence and mold and we had the technology space. The lines have started to blur and I am not sure I like that. I loved having my little clique just like the preps and stoners had in high school, I had nerdery, but with them becoming more and more tech savvy they are invading my special place. The real question is are they improving it or ruining it?


Unleashing the Peek?

So in an effort to curb some of our spending I have been thinking of dumping one of the cel phones (leaving us with just one) and moving to the Peek. In case you don’t know the Peek is an email and SMS handheld. For $20 a month I could use unlimited SMS and Email which is my preferred method of communication. NO VOICE but I really don’t like to talk on the phone. Found some hacks using other services ( That help me keep even more connected then EMail and SMS. SO now its time for the hard sell to the wife. WIsh me luck!

Nokia Messaging

Ohhhh the new Nokia messaging looks nice… Now if GCI wasn’t pissing me off so bad right now I might be able to wait for this to get to market as it is The iPhone is in my future. Future development not just with Nokia but most other cel providers will be strengthening the social network aspect of there mobile offerings.

Nokia So-Lo N97 and Maps

Watching Nokias so-lo presentation there focus on making your cel phone a portal for social media @scobelizer post about the N97 which I assume is what they are going to introduce. Very interesting device since I am a twitter addict. The Nokia maps sounds interesting don;t know how useful it will be unless you are into building history ( it tells you about the building  you are at) we’ll see if this can get Nokia back in the mobile game in the U.S. Check out for more info as he is there right now!

Great giveaway and why I do not want you to enter!

Gear Live is giving away over $6000 worth of computer equipment, which I desperately need. For the first time in over 10 years I am the owner of a single computer…and its killing me. So if you don’t want to see me die you will not enter the contest and you will let me win. I ask you to search your heart and ask yourself..”Is it worth it a human life for the chance to win some gear that I don’t even need?” If you feel you must kill me you can go to #glmagic