Unleashing the Peek?

So in an effort to curb some of our spending I have been thinking of dumping one of the cel phones (leaving us with just one) and moving to the Peek. In case you don’t know the Peek is an email and SMS handheld. For $20 a month I could use unlimited SMS and Email which is my preferred method of communication. NO VOICE but I really don’t like to talk on the phone. Found some hacks using other services ( Ping.fm That help me keep even more connected then EMail and SMS. SO now its time for the hard sell to the wife. WIsh me luck!


Amazon.com MP3 Downloads: 25 Days of Free Holiday Music

Amazon.com MP3 Downloads: 25 Days of Free Holiday Music

Do you like free stuff? Of course we all love free stuff! In these Troubled Economic Times I want to save you $$. Amazon is giving away 25 Christmas songs one every day in December until Christmas. Check it out I did…mmmm DRM free music for free! Thanks Amazon!

Great giveaway and why I do not want you to enter!

Gear Live is giving away over $6000 worth of computer equipment, which I desperately need. For the first time in over 10 years I am the owner of a single computer…and its killing me. So if you don’t want to see me die you will not enter the contest and you will let me win. I ask you to search your heart and ask yourself..”Is it worth it a human life for the chance to win some gear that I don’t even need?” If you feel you must kill me you can go to http://tiny.cc/urFpm #glmagic

In These Troubled Economic Times

ok so maybe I listen to too much BOL but I thought  maybe I can post to help people save some dough cause I am SO cheap ask my wife she one joked that she saw a puff of dust when I opened my wallet once.

STOP buying tv shows on iTunes stream them from hulu  or joost (I like hulu) or check out the individual networks.  That does not even include all the free podcast around, NPR and PRI are some favs of my tweets. Itunes university has some really interesting stuff check it out. For music try out pandora or Last FM (My choice) or MTV music.  There is some great stuff out there, be creative use google to find you some cheap content. I found some great tunes on Jamendo and they are free! Here are two of my favorites on Jamendo



One thing I won’t recommend is going and torrenting stuff. There are enough LEGAL ways to find content.

Bailout where’s my check sucka!

So somebody please explain it to me why are we giving money to all these big businesses? I thought it was sink or swim? If I own a small business hit hard by the downturn can I get a bailout? No? I thought not. So my hard earned money is going to businesses that can’t weather the storm. Who is making the choices on who gets it and who doesn’t?  AIG wastes 300K + on a resort meeting but the big three get a no so AIG is more important then the auto makers? Am I way off base? Do I not understand the admittedly complex economic factors?