Twitter… ruined?

So in case you haven’t noticed twitter has exploded, I have been seeing and hearing twitter mentioned on tv and around town. I am of two minds on this. On one hand its nice to see more people and not get the ??? look when you mention twitter, but at the same time the nerd/geek factor is gone. Technology is the purview of the nerd & geek and as “normal” people invade more of our space it feels less special in some ways. The “regular” folks have always had IRL to influence and mold and we had the technology space. The lines have started to blur and I am not sure I like that. I loved having my little clique just like the preps and stoners had in high school, I had nerdery, but with them becoming more and more tech savvy they are invading my special place. The real question is are they improving it or ruining it?


4 thoughts on “Twitter… ruined?

  1. Don’t worry, the next new thing will come along soon and all us geeks and nerds will migrate. We’ll be alone again where we’re comfortable in our land of misfit toys.

  2. I’ve been feeling the same way, but feel it’s being overrun by people trying to advertise on it, posting links to their personal sites, or saying “OMG i’m a SEO person add me” at least on Twitter we can just not follow them and not have to deal with it.

  3. Twitter started as a very intimidating social network for me; not the top 10 geeker, am I; Im still learning. So I was careful not to “but in”…and I listened, watched, and read posts. THEN, went to my first TweetUp in February and fell absolutely in to Geekdom! I felt like a part of those whom I tred lightly around. Now I see “our” group from the inside… and I wonder just how many more are watching me, as I watched you. The watchers are safe; it’s the social butterflies that will bring conservitive thought to a widely liberal thinking bunch of geeks and geekettes…


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