In These Troubled Economic Times

ok so maybe I listen to too much BOL but I thought  maybe I can post to help people save some dough cause I am SO cheap ask my wife she one joked that she saw a puff of dust when I opened my wallet once.

STOP buying tv shows on iTunes stream them from hulu  or joost (I like hulu) or check out the individual networks.  That does not even include all the free podcast around, NPR and PRI are some favs of my tweets. Itunes university has some really interesting stuff check it out. For music try out pandora or Last FM (My choice) or MTV music.  There is some great stuff out there, be creative use google to find you some cheap content. I found some great tunes on Jamendo and they are free! Here are two of my favorites on Jamendo

One thing I won’t recommend is going and torrenting stuff. There are enough LEGAL ways to find content.


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