Bailout where’s my check sucka!

So somebody please explain it to me why are we giving money to all these big businesses? I thought it was sink or swim? If I own a small business hit hard by the downturn can I get a bailout? No? I thought not. So my hard earned money is going to businesses that can’t weather the storm. Who is making the choices on who gets it and who doesn’t?  AIG wastes 300K + on a resort meeting but the big three get a no so AIG is more important then the auto makers? Am I way off base? Do I not understand the admittedly complex economic factors?


2 thoughts on “Bailout where’s my check sucka!

  1. I’m not expert on the economy, but here’s what I know. It’s all about the flow of money. The government wants to keep money flowing.

    If you want to buy big ticket items like a house or a care you need a loan. Banks give you a loan only if they have money. At the moment our financial institutions are having trouble getting cash. Which means people on the street will have a hard time getting a loan.

    Now lets talk about business. What most people don’t know is that business works on credit. A business doesn’t have “cash” until it sells a product or service. How do they pay for things when they don’t have cash? Credit!

    Credit makes the world go round. If we don’t have any we can’t do anything. That’s the way I understand it anyway.

  2. Ok sounds good but I haven’t noticed a lack of available credit I just bought a car…and my credit is a beat up careworn affair ; )

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