Gran Turismo 5 Mini review

First off let me say for the most part I am what the gaming industry calls a casaual gamer. I am also a nerd so I still put down the cash to buy a PS3 (awesome machine BTW). I love the GT franchise I have 1 and 2 but did’nt jump on the PS2 bandwagon so skipped 3 & 4 but did play them good improvments but not groundbreaking. Enter the PS3 and GT5 Prologue. WOW I did download the GT HD thought it was VERY nice eye candy and good physics balance with reality vs fun. GT5 Prologue is AWESOME the visuals, which you got a little taste of in HD are breathtaking. The car selection is ok but when the full GT5 comes out should improve exponentially. Gameplay was great although I feel like I am cheating with the little blue line guides ( I still use them : P ) I am already through the C races, which most were pretty easy. WARNNING! you at some point must buy certain cars. In class C races you must buy a Suzuki Cappuccino. I started with a Honda Integra and the above car to finish off the C class. Depending on your POV the fact that there are less cars and less races may disappoint you but for me it means less repeated courses.I hav’nt tried the new drift mode but I will have my friend who owns an AE86 and is more of a drift guy to post a review of that when I give him back his GT5 ; P


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